The crime mastermind El Professor is a young thief who appears with seven other criminals, hostage negotiators, and the police. These are the main characters in La Casa de Papel, a Spanish TV series created by Alex Pina and currently one of the most popular Netflix show known as Money Heist.

The characters and their costumes throughout the season are exceptional, modern, and very suitable for every woman and man. As the show is near from its last season, signature look recreation as a Halloween costume pays tribute to the makers and also makes you feel like Heist. Whether if you pick to attire as a couple costume or have it with your bestie or go alone as a real traitor, below you will find the complete details to execute money heist look for Halloween. And When Halloween is over, consider the costume as a gift given to yourself as a money heist fan.

Money Heist Costume For Adults and Couples

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